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Latest Commercials

Take a look at the latest commercials that our featured and background artists have worked on.

All background artists supplied EXCLUSIVELY by Mint Casting
Nivea for Men TVC – Featuring Eileen Kinsey
The latest Betfred Commercial – Featuring Jenny Smith
The latest Jet2 Commercial – Featuring Phil Clegg
2014 Michael Lewin Solicitors – Featuring John Smeathers
Injury Lawyers 4U 2015 TV Commercial, Featured Artists: Janina Painter, Craig Lambert and Phil Hardy. Along with a host of our background artists
Promis Life TV Commercial – Featuring Helen Avouris
We Buy Any Car Promo – Featuring Lindsay Robinson
Warburtons TVC – Featuring our extras
Staysure TVC – Featuring Clive Cope
Febreeze TVC – Featuring Jade Campbell and Adam Blease
Toys R Us Christmas TVC – Featuring Nicky Campbell
Tweedmill TVC – Featuring Nicky Campbell as ‘Daughter’
Superdrug TVC –
Featuring our extras
Farmfoods TVC –
Featuring our extras
OVO Energy TVC – Featuring Robbie O’Leary
Workout In – Main Artist Nicky Campbell – and our Extras
Chicago Town Pizza TVC – Featuring Dan Davies
Onside Youth Promo – Featuring Cianan Hodgkinson as the Main Artist
Cousins Furniture TVC – Featuring Phil Clegg
Nike Football TVC – Exclusively Featuring our Extras
Virgin Trains TVC – Featuring LOADS of our Extras, Charlotte – Featured Artist
Vauxhall Corsa TVC – Featuring our Extras
Sofaworks Sponsors Gogglebox – Featuring Kerri Ankrah-Lucas and Julie Root
This Girl Can – Featuring our Extras
Co-op Christmas Food TVC – Exclusively featuring our Extras
Vauxhall TVC – Featuring Loads of our artists
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbot DIY Music Video – Featuring our Extras
Aldi Super 6 TVC – Featuring Tony Fillingham
Cash Converters TVC – Featuring Our Extras
Oak Furnitureland TVC – Featuring Laura Wild
Sofaworks TVC – Featuring Laura Wild & loads of our extras